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About Tobacco Crush

Our Tobacco Crush family have been in the industry for over 28 years and have been dedicated to creating an end-to-end smoking and vaping experience in our local communities.

Whether you are into any smoke related products like premium cigars, Roll Your Own tobaccos, hookah or plain old smokes,
we got you covered. Plus, if you are into vaping and looking for a large variety of e-juices, Mods, e-cigarette hardware or salt
nicotine, we have something for everyone.

We offer a huge inventory of all the premium brands throughout
our stores. From beginners to advanced e-cig vapers,
our friendly staff will help you matter what you are looking for.
We are focused on providing excellent customer service along
with quality products in a casual comfortable no-hassle environment.


Tobacco Crush Mission

We want to create a local marketplace where people from all walks of life can get the highest quality products without sacrificing fun, variety, and experimentation.

Our mission is to empower both new and experienced customers by providing access to products that are always 100% authentic, highest quality, perhaps organic, and crafted by original brands to provide the best experience possible.


We look forward to your visit at our